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Designing Hardware using Session Types and Dependent Types---A First Look October 11, 2017 idris,session-types,border-patrol,tdd,spls
Type-Driven Development of Communicating Systems using Idris July 25, 2017 idris,effects,sessions,tdvcs
FP Dag 17-Type-Driven Design of Communicating Systems using Idris January 9, 2017 idris,effects,sessions,tdvcs
Off The Beaten Track November 11, 2016 idris,tdvcs,paper
SPLS-Type-Driven Design of Communicating Systems using Idris November 9, 2016 idris,effects,sessions,tdvcs,spls
Effectful Channel Management October 5, 2016 idris,effects,sessions,tdvcs
An Effectful Logger':' Part One August 27, 2015 idris,effects,tips
Tips for using Effects in Idris August 14, 2015 idris,effects,tips
Dependent Types and Goal-Oriented DSMLs July 28, 2015 idris,phd,paper
Working With Idris':' Long Compile Times July 5, 2015 idris,tricks
Dependent Lists July 5, 2015 idris,adt,tricks
Types and Abstract Interpretation July 4, 2015 idris,formal
Embedded Domain Specific Type Systems for Declarative EDSls July 4, 2015 idris