Jan de Muijnck-Hughes

I am a Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews investigating Type-Driven Verification of Security Protocols using Dependent Types, Session Types, Algebraic Effects, and EDSLs as combined withing the dependently typed language Idris.

Prior to beginning my PhD studies, I was a Kerckhoffs Master student at the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen in the Netherlands, and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews.


I work in conjunction with the Functional Programming, Systems Engineering research groups.

My main area of interest is addressing the usability of novel cryptographic systems through pattern and type based approaches. My PhD thesis investigated the improvement of pattern-based approaches using domain specific modelling languages, and the improvement of domain modelling using language oriented type-driven constructions using dependent types. Outside of these areas I am also interested in other aspects of security, privacy and trust, from both a technical and socio-technical standpoint. I am also heavily interested in language based security using dependent types and formal methods.

To gain a better understanding of what I am into, check out my reading library on citeUlike.

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